Tantric massage

About Tantric Massage

The Tantric massage practices were developed in India and they had their peak between the years 500 and 1300 AD. Tantra practices offer ways to reach spiritual enlightenment faster. Because of the most frequent desire of couples to improve their sexual life, Tantra developed some new practices to help them. Tantra believes that through sex you can reach higher paths faster. Spiritual enlightenment is something that everyone looks for. Tantra offers you practices that can help you reach that state. The Tantric sexual practices are spiritual practices.

Its aim is not just pleasure, but spiritual connection. It is believed that making love claims both partners letting aside their egos and this is the first step to spiritual enlightenment.

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit and is derived from the root tan which means “to extend, expand, spread”. And, just like the universe we live in, Tantra is continually expanding, being made up of different energies. Our thoughts and actions are all parts of this, expressing like powerful energies. They make the universe what it is.

Tantra is founded on the concept that all the things are connected, that the universe is in us and develops through each of us. Tantra means that everything has a relationship with everything else.

If we follow the practices of Tantric massage, that offer new and unique experiences, we might get closer to Divinity. When these things are done with spirit, be them yoga, meditation, relationships of all sorts, spiritual pursuit and most of all sex, they remind us of the unity and the divine presence.

We live in a world of ‘fast’ and ‘faster’. We think every experience should have a meaning and we forget about our spirit. We concentrate so much on the material that we forget the spirit.

The experiences that touch us the most have their origins in the spirit. This is what we should keep in mind – to take care of our souls. When we will be able to let aside our egos we’ll be able to have our first spiritual rise. This will be just the beginning, cause once you had a spiritual lift you’ll want more.

The goal of Tantric sexual techniques is to reach a greater communion between partners. When you learn to let aside ego and love with all your heart and body you will open your soul to different experiences. When one learn tantric practices, your life can improve greatly.

The seeker of these practices may see that many of the components of the ancient tantric techniques integrate well in our daily lives. Actually, Tantric massage London can give us the means to be more present and more aware.