Tantric massage Session Rates

The year is 2016. As a massage therapist for nearly 15 years now, my basic rates reflect my professional stature and the fact that I offer many modalities including traditional bodywork styles (such as Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish), yoga, Thai yoga, energy work, reflexology, sexual reflexology, psychotherapy (In training currently), and of course, Tantra. Tantric massage techniques will certainly FEEL different than just a normal massage. Think of me as the best of ALL worlds: one part trusted confidante ,one part body worker , one part Tantric goddess and one part energy healer. Please see other referenced pages on my web site to understand each Eastern technique further.

Details of sessions in detail at end of this page!

Visiting city rates are different due to limited time in a city and expenses. Please inquire about your unique city and offerings. This is done through the scheduling form once filled out, you will get your unique city rates and hours. Once completed, please follow up with a text to book directly if seeking same day! Thank you!

FAQ prior to meeting in person:

  1. For booking a session, you may text or call that day , during am hours preferred, to scheduled , confirm or receive appt directions. I make myself available to speak directly or schedule from 8am to 11 am daily and am often in sessions afternoons where texting may be faster for me to communicate back . Cash is preferred method of payment in person. An introduction via my contact form on this site is a wonderful way to get to know you right away!
  2. Appointments begin at the time we agree to schedule at, not 15 or 30 minutes prior. It can be difficult to hold my schedule if people disrupt my schedule when I may be meeting with someone else. If you are late, the time comes out of your session time. Also, my session times begin the minute we meet till the end as a total time, including the shower at the end. I’m happy to offer an ability to shower and if you choose to need one, please specify at beginning so I can a lot the time.
  3. Grooming goes a long way! Please be clean shaven, showered, and without scents! My weight limit for my table is no people over 325 pounds please. I reserve the right to decline any appt if I feel we may not be a good fit for one another.
  4. Please do not see me if you are sick or about to get sick. Massage can actually make you get sicker faster because of the increased glandular action. If I feel you are sick during the session, I reserve the right to end the session to protect my own health.
  5. In ancient India, people who visited their Dakini used to come bearing gifts. It is about exchange of energy. The gifts can tell me something about who you are. They need not be expensive but in a healing profession, it is nice to be thought if as well! Favorites: iTunes cards, Nordstrom gift card, Chanel perfume ” chance” ( green perfume) , and little boy toys( my son is age 3)
  6. People ask me why my rates are what they are. This is not just a massage but a combination of many therapies including massage, Tantra, energy work, spa treatments, sex therapy ( if needed), relationship coaching ( if needed) psychotherapy ( if needed) Kama sutra personal training , etc. I have been licensed and working in this field for 15 years. I am not a body rub girl or escort. I actually DO something in our sessions and my bodywork is Stellar. Many people so not realize the costs involved in a business that includes advertising, day care, supplies, travel, taxes, insurances, and rent or I call when traveling. This IS a business, not a part time hobby to me, and I invest in being above board, business professional and ready to give of my full energy, time and attention when we meet. That’s the VIRGO in ME. It benefits YOU in your time together.
  7. Please be realistic to results or how much one can accomplish in a session together. I generally feel people see and feel results after even one session, but if you are experiencing any issues currently, it may take a few sessions to ” turn things around.” If budget is a concern and you wish to continue regularly, we can discuss a regular discount. Just ask! I wish to see you continue the full practice! You do NOT HAVE TO HAVE HAD PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IN Tantra to learn or participate! Single or a couple, you WILL benefit!

***I have recently taken a workshop on the power of Binaural beats as a therapy to change or improve the brain’s functioning of all things in the body including hormones, sex drive, depression, anxiety, stress, heart conditions. This may also be added to our sessions as a way of “re-programming your brain” for increased energy, stamina, sexual arousal, erectile duration, etc. Read more about this powerful technique here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binaural_beats

Complete Tantra Sessions may incorporate the study and experience of:

  • Red, White, Pink & Black Tantra
  • Healing and Awakening Touch
  • Raising and Circuiting Sexual Energy
  • Expanding Your Pleasure Boundaries
  • Ejaculatory Mastery Techniques
  • Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Manifesting Your Beloved
  • Tantric ritual
  • Yantras and Mantras
  • Bandhas and Mudras
  • Modalities of Conscious Touch
  • Chakra Awareness and Self-Healing
  • Emotional Release Work around Sexual Issues

For Men:

Learn Techniques for Ejaculatory Mastery and the Benefits of Ejaculatory Choice

Learn to go beyond normal ejaculatory orgasm into non-ejaculatory orgasm, multiple orgasm, and full body orgasm

Learn the secret to extended lovemaking

Heal and release the emotional armoring that keeps you from fully loving and being loved

Learn to deeply pleasure and honor the Goddess in your life. Become her healer and awakener, her Tantric hero


I had to recently add this on as many people seemed to want to know “What Exactly” DOES take place during our session. I can understand the confusion as many Westerners are already “in the dark” about Eastern sexuality practices but then some of them are getting misinformation through other Internet sites, Youtube videos or unlicensed “Goddesses.” My process is a very comprehensive one that I have taken nearly ten years of studies, research, teachings from my time living in India, and feedback throughout the years. Although I would still like to KEEP SOMETHING in SEXUALITY a MYSTERY(It sort of ruins the fun if I spell each thing I will do out ahead of time..) I will say that what I look to accomplish with you the FIRST time together is this:

  1. After meeting your MIND (You), I will focus on doing what I have come to term personally as your “Sexuality Blueprint.” As a writer, I have always enjoyed my work in TANTRA because it’s like reading a story to me. Where you carry pain means something, where you carry pleasure means something, how your body reacts to pheromones, touch, foods and environment. I’m also looking at your body medically/holistically to see if improvements could be made to help you master Sexual control, duration, and ecstasy faster. In some cases for people, their inability to master their body or effectively USE their body for increased ENERGY during their orgasms(Thus Tantric massage once mastered) can be due to a host of reasons such as physical, emotional, psychological, etc. Once I know WHAT your body can or cannot do, then I know WHICH of the Eastern healing modalities to use and show you to continuously re-balance your body’ s energies so you can be more easily in tune with your sexual energies. Then I teach the Tantric techniques, or Kama Sutra (like yoga positions only it is much MORE of a physical workout!) to practice. The body ALWAYS addresses pain before pleasure so in order to reach ECSTASY or your POTENTIAL to ENJOY ECSTASY, we must spend a certain amount of time just “cleaning you up” and “re-balancing.” My favorite MANTRA for TANTRA is; LET GO. LET GO of ANYTHING, ANY EXPERIENCE or ANY PERSON who keeps you from re-uniting with your source of LOVE, BLISS and HAPPINESS. I custom each person’s session differently based on what I feel they need or are trying to improve upon. No one walks out of 1 Tantra session a “Tantric Master” The various lessons DO take time as well as PRACTICE. I may even give you a specific sexuality routine or homework assignments to keep you moving forward on your Sensuality Journey. I always like to joke and say if there is ONE TOPIC worthy going “Back to School” for it’s LOVE & SEXUALITY! Have fun, free yourself to PLEASURE (KAMA) and don’t let your MIND win the battle EVERY TIME over your body. (Aka: Your Soul)